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Be prepared for a health crisis, fire, flood, earthquake or other emergency. Keep track of documents you or others may need to find.

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What is the Nidus Registry?

The Nidus Registry is an online registry to securely store important information and documents with 24/7 access in case of a health crisis or other emergency.

Store & Share what is important to YOU

  • What if you need help during your lifetime due to illness, injury or disability? Keep things organized in one central place.

  • It may be years before someone needs to find your documents – they will forget where to look or be in shock and crisis mode. Make it easier by using the Nidus Registry to keep your affairs up-to-date and share with those who need to know.

  • You stay in control of what is registered and who has access. Be pro-active. Make and distribute wallet cards from the Nidus Registry.

Nidus Personal Planning Registry


The right information to the right people at the right time!


Plan for today – be prepared for tomorrow. You are in charge of what is registered and who has access. Honouring wishes and keeping safe depends on others knowing what is important to YOU. It’s about communication!


As we age, our affairs tend to become more complicated. We have more to oversee and more to try and remember. Keep YOUR things organized, and secure for the long term, in one central place.


The Nidus Registry is flexible and easy-to-use. It is convenient for keeping track of plans and identifying any gaps. It is easy to share with others who may need to help – including in urgent and time-sensitive situations.

Nidus is a Latin term for nest. It symbolizes support and safety.
A nest can also be a reminder of where things are located and originate.

A smart and secure way to be prepared for the future.

Everyone needs a plan and secure place to store information with easy access. It can start with the basics like keeping track of rental addresses for future references. Or, it might be for dealing with insurance due to an accident while travelling or due to a flood or wildfire at home.