What are the fees to register?

The fees for self-registration are:

$25.00 for the first registration (this includes creating your Registry Account).

$10.00 for each additional registration for the same Account.


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Nidus Personal Planning Registry

Details for you to know

  • The Nidus Registry fees are very modest and the same as in 2002 when first launched.

  • The fees are one-time for the life of the registration. There are no annual fees.

  • There are no fees to view, edit or share registrations.

  • There are no fees to print wallet cards from the Nidus Registry. Print one for every purse/wallet and jacket and vehicle glove compartment and backpack and suitcase and neighbours. On the back of the wallet card, print name and phone of your representative and alternate. You do not have to carry legal documents with you, the wallet card gives information and lets people contact your legally authorized representative.

  • There is a small fee for the Registrar to make corrections, for example if a name is entered wrong or misspelled for the Account Holder.

  • You can pay fees online during the registration process – use your credit card or funds in your PayPal Account. This is the fastest way to register.

  • Other payment options involve requesting a coupon code. Do not start to register as nothing is saved unless payment is received. Email registry@nidus.ca if you want to mail a cheque or use e-transfer to obtain a coupon code.

  • If you purchased a Custom Representation Agreement form (RA7 or RA9) from the Nidus Resource Centre, your purchase included registration. Nidus provided a coupon code for this purpose. There are no refunds if you forget to use the coupon.

How Do I Pay?

You can pay registration fees online or by coupon code.

There is no fee to create your Registry Account. A fee is only charged when a registration is made.

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