What are the fees to register?

The fees for self-registration are:

$25.00 for the first registration (this includes creating your Registry Account).

$10.00 for each additional registration for the same Account.

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Nidus Personal Planning Registry

Details for you to know

  • The Nidus Registry fees are very modest and the same as in 2002 when first launched.

  • The fees are one-time for the life of the registration. There are no annual fees.

  • There are no fees to view, edit or share registrations.

  • There are no fees to print wallet cards from the Registry. Print one for every purse/wallet/suitcase.

  • There is a small fee for the Registrar to make corrections, for example if a name is entered wrong or misspelled for the Account Holder.

  • You can pay fees online during the registration process – use your credit card or funds in your PayPal Account. This is the fastest way to register.

  • Other payment options involve requesting a coupon code. Do not start to register as nothing is saved unless payment is received. Email registry@nidus.ca if you want to mail a cheque or use e-transfer to obtain a coupon code.

  • If you purchased a Custom Representation Agreement form (RA7 or RA9) from the Nidus Resource Centre, your purchase included registration. Nidus provided a coupon code for this purpose. There are no refunds if you forget to use the coupon.

How Do I Pay?

You can pay registration fees online or by coupon code.

There is no fee to create your Registry Account. A fee is only charged when a registration is made.

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