You can search the Nidus Registry to see if a Registry Account exists. Click on the image below to do an online Search.

It is very important to have only ONE Registry Account per person.

There is NO FEE to search.

When may a Search not work?

If you have a Nidus ID with 4 numbers, you are registered in the old system. There is a Registry Account as your records were transferred. Email to get a new Nidus ID (the new system uses 7 numbers).

Maybe you created a Registry Account but did not yet make any registrations. Check your email for confirmation and the 7-number Nidus ID. There will be ‘no match’ for a Search if you did not yet make any registrations. See the FAQ on how to Log In to access the Account.

Registration is not required but many people do it to help with communication and to have a secure back-up of their plans. A recent poll by CIBC indicated that the majority of people do not know what plans their parents made.

You can register at any time – to help yourself and others who may need to know. Read other FAQs about ‘How to register’ and ‘What to register’ and ‘How to view and share registrations.’

Search for existing Registry Account