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The online Nidus Registry is proud to have the assistance and expertise of Mr. David Flaherty as our volunteer privacy consultant. David Flaherty was BC’s first Freedom of Information Commissioner and continues to keep on top of provincial, national and international privacy issues. He does contract work on privacy concerns.

Privacy Consultant DFlaherty

The online Nidus Registry is proud to contract with Gravit-e Technologies the software engineering firms that built, operates and manages the Registry database.

Software firm Gravit-e

The online Nidus Registry is hosted on servers located in Canada. This means that Canadian data privacy and security laws apply to your stored information.

The online Nidus Registry minimizes the number of personal identifiers (such as health card number or driver’s license) required. However, there is a trade-off as the personal identifiers are used to search for a Registry Account.

The software developers have engineered the online Nidus Registry to protect the personal and sensitive information you enter in the Registry. The system is monitored at all times to ensure it is running properly.

All user access to the Nidus Registry is over a secure and encrypted connection, to make sure that any information transmitted is not intercepted by third parties who are not authorized to view the information.

The Nidus Registry keeps track of usage of the website and data (audit trail) to ensure proper access, according to the Terms and Conditions.

The Nidus Registry data and configuration is backed up locally and off-site. If there is a major and widespread local disaster, the Nidus Registry can be restored in a timely fashion (within 48-72 hours).

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