The Nidus Registry is different from other registries set up by the government or required by legislation.

The Nidus Registry is self-managed – the registrant controls what is stored and who has access.

The idea of the Nidus Registry came out of a grass-roots law reform of adult guardianship -based on real life experiences – undertaken in British Columbia (a province of Canada). BC had a Wills Registry that was used after death; but what about when someone is alive? Communication is even more important and time sensitive!

  • The Nidus Registry is operated by a non-profit charity for public benefit.
  • The Nidus Registry was first established in 2002 and operated online in partnership with the Law Society of BC, Juricert Inc.
  • The Nidus Registry has evolved due to public demand and is a place to securely store all types of important information and documents that might be needed in a health crisis or other emergency – by you and/or others who need to help.