To register with the Nidus Registry, a Registrant must be:

1) An adult who understands and accepts the Terms and Conditions of the Nidus Registry.

  • Most people will create their own Registry Account and make registrations.

2) Someone who has legal authority to act on behalf of an individual and who understands and accepts the Nidus Registry Terms and Conditions:

  • A custodial parent (or legal guardian) has this right until their child reaches the age of adulthood.
  • Adults can make a legal planning document to authorize someone to act on their behalf. (In British Columbia, this could be a representative named in an RA7 or RA9, an attorney named in a type of power of attorney.)
  • A court-appointed guardian for an adult.
  • A state authority over an adult (e.g. Public Trustee).

3) Someone who is given authority in writing by an adult or someone who has legal authority to act on behalf of a minor child or an adult (see above bullet list).  They will have to understand and accept the Nidus Registry Terms and Conditions.

To protect the security of a Registry Account, Registrants must NOT tell anyone the password. Instead, they can share registrations with others who will use a separate log in.

In British Columbia:

Lawyers, notaries public and their staff may be authorized as Registration Agents and can register on behalf of clients. There is no fee for these parties to apply and be authorized as Registration Agents.